Menacing Mists O Dawn

Menacing Mists O Dawn

Shrouds the land, like a minder
keeping watch o-er the occupants
therein. In cohorts with warrior
winds, that howl out a warning,
leave or be subject to the tyranny
that lurks unashamedly!

Birds fly on wings of steel
enroute to commiserate with whanau
of like kind, unsuspecting of the depth,
the wrath, looming all around, with a view
to kill!

The mystery of the Mists, ne-er understood,
nor their random acts of cruelty agin the
invisible sky's. Would more acute knowledge
allay this foe of mankind, or are they as
amiable as a cuthroat razor?

Tis best methinks,no matter our skillful
manouvering, to steer clear, for we know not
the mentality, the verocity of our foe,
This, the Menacing Mist O the Dawn!

In the wake of lives tragically taken, enroute to the Dawn ANZAC services in New Zealand.RIP. May God be with their families, now and forever!