Drawn from the dedication of all of our united servicemen, is my thoughts on Love,the kind that....Well read on :)

AKJV John 15:13

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends!


Donned in the distinct colours

of it's immediate environment
whether searing hot sun
of the blistering desert sand
it knows no boundaries
no task is too great or small
stealthily staying it's course of action
in the ultimate Quest of it's life!

Colors are changeable
yet not without the greater purpose
if the need arises to blend within
the clingy undergrowth
with rainsoaked trees for unbrella's
where one crack of a twig
spooks an entire regiment
to recede within flax laden tawny beds.

It will tramp the miry trails
till it's feet are blistered and torn
stand upright in mud cached trenches
silent, till the crack of dawn

It is, it has, it does,
for the greater good
when all else has failed in the mission
A strong arm, a protective barrier
compassion without peer
hand picked from the most rigorous training
stamina that has surpassed

you will never find, a greater love,

dedication,desire, hope!

It is Camouflage
It is worn by all Brave Soldiers

Lest we Forget!

Ch'erie de Perrot
Copyright 2010
CAL ( Copyright Australia Ltd)
All Rights Reserved