Old Jett

~Old Jett~

By Ch'erie

Thunder cracks across the ranges
of the Snowy River terrain
Old Jett once again is on the move
fiery eyed, with wind torn mane

The lure of the Drovers Mare
reaches clear across the sky
she nickers in her masters pen
doesn't question why!

Some years before he knew the life
beast of burden ridden hard
now free to roam he's come for her
this debutante perfumed in nard

They'll line him up and take the shot
be quick if they value the mare
for like a shadow in the mist
in a flash she won't be there

They took the shot missed by an ear
he reared in triumphant leering display
claimed his prize with searing eye's
now the two are on the stray

Years later that mob ran again
over the Drovers ranch
whip crack shout back
as Old Jett crashed through a branch

"Take the shot you miserly lot"
the foreman hollered loud
missed by a mile curly smiled
As Old Jett stomped good and proud

He galloped off cleared the trough
Then reared and retorted back
they gawked in awe at what they saw
His reward, a two year old young Jett Black

Old Jett roamed the land
till he was no more
his loins left a mark pon the range
his Son, is his encore!

Ch'erie de Perrot
Copyright 2009
CAL Copyright Australia Ltd
All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the Poetic Writes of our very own

Andrew Barton( Banjo) Paterson's
"The Man from Snowy River".