An experience Once had

Ch'erie and her Camel Ahab

Ch'erie and her Camel Ahab

decided one day to nab
opportunity to travel
the Red dirt and gravel
So she Saddled up and hit the trail...

Many travellers have gone on before
the evidence quite clearly heard in the Caw
of the Crows as they fly
through the blistering sky
and sun-bleached bones point the way..

Armed to the teeth with food and water
Ahab filled his hump as he oughta
with atire to suit
heat, flies & snakes to boot
they set of For the West that night!

Ahab sauntered on real light
whilst the temperatures were alright
but come the morning sun
Ch'erie thought she'd done
the silliest thing of her life...

The blistering blinding sun
of the Simpson was NO fun
from the barometer it was clear
deadly hot twas out there
not a tree, spinafex....or indigenous person!

Ch'erie's brain started to adle
atop Ahabs back in burning saddle
though wearied and weak
she let out and almighty shriek
and dismounted shouting....WATER!!

Alas it was more dry Red dirt
make matters worse she'd soiled her shirt
so for the rest of the way
that Red grit would stay
stuck to her like you know what to a blanket...

Well my Tale could go on like a song
as the Nullabor is as Booooring as is Long
but sufficeth to say
would take forever and a day
so I'll come to the point in next verses...

Ch'erie thought she was quite dead
poor Ahab was begining to dread
for his hump was diminished
he thought he was finished
have you ever seen a Camel whine??

Still onward they sauntered in relentless pursuit
both in the head had become quite unglued
when out of the Red Earth
popped the City of Perth
Wanna guess the first place they headed??

Ch'erie de Perrot
Copyright 2008
CAL Copyright Australia Ltd

All Rights Reserved