Dragon Fire!

It circles overhead, with a determined destination
pin pointed accuracy, delights with salivation

Throws out a lick, where it's prey reside unknowing
soon emerges an inferno, death's wake ever growing

No Time to Run for Shelter
It's full on Helter Skelter

A Tsunami of Fire emerges
Radiant heat forward surges

Razed to the ground,instantly incinerated
People, Homes, Pets alike, no boundaries, inundated

Many see destruction coming
Flee, panic stricken, adrenaline pumping

Some make it by the skin of their teeth
others, later will wear that well known wreath

Indiscrimate launches from the Arsonist clown
moves steathily from town to town

Merciless, though it's match is clear
for Winged Angels come, surrounding a certain sphere

Dragon Fire plays monopoly, maximisizing in just one day
though sorrow deep, shrieks justly, what foul play....

It will meet it's match somewhere, sometime, a very different way!

Ch'erie de Perrot
Copyright 2009
CAL Copyright Australia Ltd
All Rights reserved