This one was written during the peak of the droughts In Qld/NSW Australia. Look for

the link to Aussie Helpers where one will find out how to register for the
ongoing disasters happening, Thank you and God Bless, Ch''erie de Perrot.

Drought Stricken

In this sunburnt land

iconic as the grand
canyon down below
are crops that do not show
the fruit of the labour
and of their next door neighbor
nor do the cattle or the sheep
have enough to eat so their sleep
is disturbed night after night
whilst the rains have taken flight

The famers suffer long
tis a huge weight they carry long
families in despair
without food or comforting care
many have left with naught
and are struggling as they aught
not to be for their trouble
which without rains has become double
so if you can lend a hand
to help this sunburnt land

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shout it out, help us grow!

Thank you and God bless
Ch'erie de Perrott
Copyright 2007