The Duchess

Her Titian Gold hair flow
compliments impish brown eyed glow
soft loving faithful is she
never once does tire of me

Her days spent seeking to serve
mistress royale ne'er showing the nerve
to render judment upon my weakness
offering only contentment and meekness

The Duchess shows nary a vice
truest longuffering blessed be thrice
Am I to have her company sound
as she'll sit for hours when I go to ground

Softest silky full of poise
with exception to strangers nary utters noise
the loveliest friend deserved is she
of finest grooming, velvet cushions three

Occasionally though she digs through the fence
so therefore is ordered to get thee hence
back to the yard to be thoroughly bathed
making sure she is yet unscathed

Her Kisses are sweet, tender and warm
waketh she to the early dawn
to stalk the birds in caged bliss
then on to the cat stirring deranged hiss

Apart from these erring’s a treasure is she
after eating the cat food ne’er forgetting bout me
gratitude great sealed with a lick
Oh yurrrrk Duchess don’t do that it's sick

I shouldn't complain I shouldn't betray
though leaping on tables is not on I'd say
She believes she's a person of that I am sure
Why else would she wear her hair to the floor

If brushed properly it shines in the sun
On good days I even manage a bun
yes grooming and clipping and she's fit for a ball
But she'd rather sit at my feet, giving her all!
Ch'erie de Perrot
Copyright 2004
CAL Copyright Australia Ltd
All Rights Reserved
Dedicated to the most wonderful pet who sadly left us in 2010
RIP Duchess. Always Missed, never forgotten!