Five Months
You were here with me as the dawn and the dusk
scented beard full of joy and musk
you're voice would delight the sorriest soul
stilled now by the void of that six foot hole

I tried so desperate to understand
what God meant, what he had planned
still today the answers elude my mind
all I know is you were one of a kind

"Because he cared" is written on your grave
you're love so sweet you so freely gave
Ne'er in my life had I known
alas death's kiss has me backwards thrown

I still recall that softest touch
smiling face that I loved so much
you're love for life so uncomplicated
a jealous act rendered it negated

A criminal at large is still
awaits his fate at the masters will
tis all sometimes that keeps me sane
when I think of how our love went lame

Five months of bliss is what we had
Five months to touch till our souls were glad
Five months to love, to learn, to grow
Five months of you is all I'll ever know

If I never find a love like ours
then memories will suffice the hours
weeks, months, days and years
Till we meet again with joyful tears

Evry year at this time
I hurt in heart like soured wine
Please O lord take this pain away
tis twenty six years nearly to the day!