Silly Billy

The night was dark and stormy
Billy goat untethered at last
backed into a barbed wire fence
picking his poor old ....

Grass soft neath his form
soothed the searing pain
but as Billy's need for revenge reared
urged to conquer, not using his brain

Grain nor Nanny could deter this duel
it must be fought and won
honour at stake, his foe to take
he'd rip and gorge till he was done

Fun had ceased of his binding leash
freedom no longer a care
locked horns with Barbie, ruthless wench
how dare she bite him down there

Fearing not, victory intent
with long opponent he wrangled
when it was over lain in clover
nuptials completely mangled

Strangled nearly by vicious barbs
the farmer untangled poor Billy
carried away to barn laden with hay
whilst Vet had to stitch up his .....

Silly Billy learned sad lesson that night
one he would never repeat
victories scar had left him all barren
So for Nanny, they sought a New Treat!