Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

A WallStreet banker named Le Grand Benedict
Complained that the menu made him quite sick
Manhattan's Ritzy Delmoncio's restaurant
Failed to serve him the food he did want
In response came the famous Eggs Benedict

Now Comprising of an English fresh muffin
Split in half not toasted to nuffin
the centre soft yeasty and pliable
to make eating definately viable
so one's chops would not be worn from the huffin

Delmoncio eager to please
Deemed the dish would be spoiled with cheese
So he used the finest Canadian bacon
To prevent LeGrand's tummy achin
Ensuing he'd pick up the cheque with ease

The eggs must be poached till whites were set not chewy
Vinegar in the mix undetected snickered he, his hands all goey
Nice near set yellow yolks
Sure to please the fussiest folks
Determined he, they'll ne'er trade me for downtown chop suey

O'er top this delicate dish
A sauce concocted oh so delish
Hollondaise was thus borne
Benchmarked for meals in the morn
Fame and fortune was le Chef's greatest wish

Still unsatisfied serving variant to humble yolk
Delmoncio decided to go for broke
Roast potato's to mop the sauce
Or home fries, baked of course
Was he in raptures with his creation, no joke!

Now just one thing was left to finish
As the taste he must not diminish
Even though it be quite contrary
Added he a glass of Bloody Mary
Chuckling loudly "oooh this is Sinish"

Well his client most pleased that day
Ate his meal and quite literally stole away
All rights to this culinary treat
No legal patent did he meet
Leaving Delmoncio in sad disarray