I was always here

I was Always here!

I was always here
never really went, anywhere!
Though at times to the dark corners
of the earth, in my minds eye, amid
conformity of others ideals!
Struggled at times to breathe
the air, I believe is still free, at

too high a price. Allowing
knockers of the world who see
a bright spark, and feel the need
to snuff it!

Let them retreat into their
own dark caverns, smelling the toxicity
of their own exalted environments...
I'd rather play in fresh air
enjoying the smell of roses, even if

it's so clich'e! Jump in puddles, dance
in the rain, fly on a cool breeze, soak
up sunrays, searing hot..At least I know
I'm Alive!

Live, love, laugh, learn
after all, I'm the only one
in this body, knowing at the
end of the day, being happy in
my own skin, is paramount!

I'm here
Always was
Never went anywhere!