Pukehaupapa-Mt Taranaki

As one gazes at his fortified
upright stance,against the unspoken
word of a relative powdered sky
at his right arm, tis surely to be
contemplated the true st nature
of a heart, beating in the stillness
softly, so as to be barely heard,
with the most astute ear!
Yet, those who revere his majestic
countenance, know that within
the self imposed solitude, was
once a mighty warrior,who rallied for
the cause of the Woman he loved, though
soundly beaten into submission by a rival
far beneath his inclinations to equal
much less immitate!

She had chosen, and though the ensuing
rage, saw a process initially painful, his long
standing self imposed cone of silence,
speaks more of the nature within
than a bellowing lairish contemporary!
Rugged escarpments the only tell-tale
signs reamaining of a cataclysmic

Mists of reknown and secrecy
obscure the hidden face, in the season
of remembrance,allowing for a time
the tears of love long since lost
to flow tween the valley's and crevices
that lay beneath.
Each anniversary, disseminating
without restraint upon his subjects
fertility for the forth coming season
of joy, that produce may flourish
amid the provincial lands
and it's grateful inhabitants!

Lovers, gaze at the Moon in
exhilerated flutterings, as he allows
shimmering light to reflect off his unrequited
A most gracious Overlord is he,unselfish
in his rendering of life giving elements
despite his own yearnings, only realized
on occassion when inner rumblings
and murmurings be heard!
Howling winds may encompass the perimeter
of this warrior, for a time, with the express purpose
of concealing suppressed anquish!.
Such outbursts are more than permissable
as for the better part of the seasons he remains

The Pukehaupapa he is!!

Ch'erie de Perrot
(C) 12/7/2010
CAL Copyright Australia Ltd
All Rights Reserved

Photographic Image Used with Permission
(C) Neil Powell Photography Inc.