I come from the High Country

I Come from the High Country
tis where my heart will always be
from the snow caps so pearly white
aerial views awfully bright!

The bush below is Sanctuary
when the mind is worn and weary
hearken to the sound of Morepork's eeeerieeee call
more peaceful than an average shopping mall

Hush, to the sounds of silence
hear the warning of a crack in the distance
could be a Bushpig or a big Billy
either one will gore you silly!!!

Swing up the nearest tree
check out a possum in a giggy
when threat of danger is passed
walk on, till Sun shows it's last....

Moonlight in the bush n scrub
is another world too few shoulders ever rub
natures finest dressed to play
invite you to enjoin and stay

Who can resist the whistling wild
where manners are meek and mild
all nature in perfect harmony?
or the BURBS....in Dysentry?

Yes, I am from the High Country
proud to say is where I'd rather be
where thinking straight causes NO DOUBT
Where the Creators voice is heard.....

With no need of a SHOUT!