Every country has it's legends, of two ill fated lovers, for e.g. Running Bear and Little White Dove, or the Willow Patterned China, depicting the story of two ne'er meant to be together in this life, ending up as doves flying away...This story is of two loves that found a happy ending, or so the legend of the New Zealand Maori Tribes tell us....I always loved this story as it was told to me growing up and ironically from the portion of Maori Blood in my own veins, it is from the Te Arawa tribe

A Maori Maiden Hinemoa

A Maori Maiden Hinemoa

pined alone for her beloved

Tutanekai regarded as the lower

alas for families they ne'er bethrothed

She a Princess he a commoner

kept their love an unpicked flower

till the maiden could' take no longer

swam the lake, in fear did cower

Though guided by his lovesick flute

hid she neath the reeds and froth

with cunning she did await his slave

who fled as she tore the vessels cloth

Alarmed the slave relayed the fate

of broken vessel to his masters ear

repeated till filled with hate

Tutanekai pon feet did rear!

Determined he to crack a skull

grasped for an enemies hide

all came to a sweetened lull

as Hinemoa from the pool did slide

Cold and tired she graced his arms

he took her to rest in feathered sheet

spent they the night in lovers charms

morn found not two but four feet

Song and dance on union sealed

amid his family joy filled the air

till sighted he, her Father's Waka

now a threat inciting fear

But as the story hath it's end

loved twosome forever twined

instead of hate they made amend

celebrating newest Whanau tribal bind!