Frozen Rose

Frozen Rose

Stands alone in her garden
like a statue, catatonic with despair
sharp edged thorns
like a maschete
that would pierce the heart
of any warrior
should he try to pluck her
with intent to relish the spoils
of a war long lost
in the Frozen petals of time.

Like all hopeful contenders
in the garden of life
she had budded
with cheerful eyes
spread forth her velvet petals
with high expectation
such was the innocence of youth
the naive eyes of such
that couldn't be dimmed
wouldn't be tarnished.

Perfume permeating the garden
attracting both butterfly and bee
some to land just for a while
others needing to feed from her nectar
happily providing a service with belief
of warm sunshine never to withold
it's grace, allowing her soft invigorating
presence, waiting for the master set of shears
that would cut and bundle, for the day of decoration
as does the Single Red Rose!

Many touched her fragrant youth
smelled the perfume, tasted the aroma
yet deemed her wholly unfit for permanence
upon the mantle, within the crystal vase
Queen of the mansion, if for only a day
it mattered not, for the need
far outweighed the time
a day of admiration would suffice
rather than remain
in the garden of withered hopefuls!

The Sun faded, a harsh wind blew
bringing with it, ice and sleet
instantly snap freezing the bereated Rose
where she stands still, frozen in time
a monument to all who gaze
invoking pity and scorn
though some eyes would cut her stem
seeing beneath the icy layers
a heart bleeding, yet,
the question remains......

Can a Frozen Rose survive the thawing process?