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The Winter of His Content

The Winter of His Content By Ch'erie

Like a Mighty sailing ship
elaborately fashioned
he'd sailed the high sea's
Many a year or two
Battling all the elements
Coming and going upon the tides
Mooring within enemy ports
Ne'er finding the docks
that His heart knew was home
Through the fog and rain
with a heavy laden cargo!
The mighty hull hit rockbottom
on a voyage into the unknown waters
Unchartered territory
Turning it around,
Swinging that enourmous boom
Come about in a new direction
Aching for a Natural mooring
Familiar, one that knew the ballast
Guided only by a brightly coloured moon
sailed on through the thick pea soup fog
till there as it lifted,gently blew aside
from a friendly midnight breeze
He'd sailed right into the Port
of his own making, this the natural mooring.
Weighing Anchor finally,
pledged he, put to sea no more
Safe in the knowledge
Younger seeds should set sail
in his mighty name.
Scuttled he in that Port
with Winter, Summer, all seasons
rolled into one
This, The Winter, of his Content!