Touch me not

Healing time is begun...

Touch me not by Ch'erie

Let the breath of thy lungs
betroth to thee, for thou season is come
taste the wine of thy lips
a'fore we should succumb

Let not contempt be a shadow cast
as noon day slips across the sky
truth be our dearest ally
wherewithall our kindreds spirits fly

Neath the moon, the stars doth glance
for they approve of such union
if it be woven of purest cloth
innocent, as the first communion

Let not vermin soil thy vineyard
which hath long been a shoot ready to sprout
preserve that which makes an easy bruise
for thou love mayest never flout

To thee I pledge my yielding heart
for all my belief be cast to thy lot
though if love be marred with slightest doubt
leave it here, thou toucheth me Not!