The Thief

Accosted unfairly within the embrace

glazed eye's penetrate the soul

cloaked mystery dew adorned face

pull away a'fore it takes control

Breathe on the senses lascivious praise

tightened grasp bidding to keep

mercy is whimpered toward red braise

seared sealed lips finally meet

Shrouded yet clouded reality fled

entwined tongues fired

ignite enfeebled to yon willowy bed

pon clouds mist of the night

Lost in passion high for the thrill

sweet addition extreme appurtenance

lip locked lovers unheeding chill

as shadows dawn on their countenance

As with all fires dependant on fuel

dies to embers dissolving the seal

of brandished lips slowing to coo

lminds reliant on consenting appeal

One starts away conscious of plea

determined of laissez-faire

or be lost for all eternity

to the thief with an artful lair!