Insidious Weed

A Dedication, for all those who have, who will, or currently are, experiencing the cruel sting of Molestation,incest or Pedophilia. I am a serious advocate for the prevention of this most Insidious behaviour, as the effects are long lasting,life threatening, like a plague unseen. More awareness in society is needed, parents need to be more astute with their precious charges, if necessary lending no ear to complete trust. Even of those who profess love and trust! Oft times these are the worst offenders, leaving the most cruel of affliction in their wake.
May we all blaze the trail of insight, covering over the tracks of the precious ones, who do not have the instinct to protect themselves.

"For the Children!!"

Insidious Weed!

Groomed for success takes root within
slashing a pathway to the very core
the control room, nerves end
heart and soul, it must implore

Sprouts forth degenerative spores
each finding their assigned route
embe dding deep, demanding flesh
blood, bone marrow it eke's out!

En Masse in its vice like grip
leaches, suck night and day
sustaining self, no regard
for it's hosts certain self decay

To eradicate is no mean feat
one false move, eats from inside out
the fight to survive, host or weed
tread carefully, laws of life will it flout!

The host endures an aspiric ordeal
as each sucker is extracted forth
displacing flesh with unknown effect
east, west, south and north!

Once removed will curl toes and die
disintegrating, like chaff blown away
screams on the wind, with a banshee howl
Warning, with it's spores, may you not be, it's next prey!!