That Letter

Closure had rained down upon
a long drawn out wearied existence
finally, the war was over, the dead
were buried, then it came..

like a lightening bolt, zapping
the aluminium frames on windows
resonating through an entire house
yet striking at the heart, of one!

Wild storms could come and go
exciting the nerves, grand prix's
revved the brain, wild Brumbies
made a heart pound, this nearly..

Made it stop!

As suddenly as she had seen him go,
he was back, though the years betwixt,
between, were many, it was like yesterday
accompanied by her thoughts!

Their love had been passionate
unbridled, unstudied, raw energy
forbidden, punished, finally abandoned
left where the wind blew..

years of recollection, wanting, yearning
yet never seeing, or knowing, ill fated
it seemed, destined forever to oblivion

, till a warm breeze

hallowed in a new era!

It came in a letter,

That Letter!