Blood In the Water!

Blood In the Water

Precarious is the treasured practice
of swimming in infested waters
designated wholly and soley
for the demons of the deep.

Yet, without hesitation
one would venture to explore
the realms, where even angels
would fear to venture forth.

Angels, who have no boundaries
diligently follow their charges
to the ends of the earth
to record, to rescue...

Though consequential actions
invariably happen, quickly
without warning, the wound being
deep, jagged...

There's blood in the Water!

Feeding frenzy follows, as the
offspring, and relative predators
even those without the hunger
await their turn to systematically

Tear at the bowels of vulnerability!

Piece by piece, sinew, tissue,
bone, and innards, is torn, consumed
though not the natural diet
revolts back into the sea.

A heart, still pumping, intact
saved, drifts with the tide
as limbs asunder manifest
back to their origin.

Washed up on the shores of
despondency, yet triumphant
within, as once again
it was an attempt, not a victory!

The blood dissipates
feeding frenzy is forgotten
seagulls shriek in anguish
no leftovers, not this day!