Insatiable Hunger

Within the confines of the bomb shelter
mortar and shells falling all around outside
She had looked upon him and knew
He had looked upon her,and thus ignited a fuse

Neither knew their destiny
the morrow may very well take their lives
pausing for those brief moments together
the Motherland could wait till the dawn

In the dull light of their barracks
Grey blanketed warmth to shield
passion burned with such intensity
kissing their way into pastures of green

Was it the Urgency, adrenalized from fear of the unknown
terror translated into Insatiable Hunger
which could not be quelled
till their union was complete

He took her with the love of a man possessed
each thrust kindling the flames of dedication
loyalty, and sheer shocking unbridled passion
not stopping till his soul was mingled with hers

She enveloped him, savouring and siphening
evry morsel of his fibre, not an ounce to be lost
dying in his arms of blissful ecstasy
surrendering wholeheartedly without reserve

His Mouth had to muffle her cries
her throat had to drink his raging storm
till the shells and bombs ceased firing
and calm moist lips reassured of a mission accomplished

This love that was given wings
though they knew not the final outcome
had been forever cemented rock solid
no matter the enemy at the gates

Their Insatiable Hunger reared triumphant!