Jehovah's Beloved Incarnation

Heavily laden weary for rest
Mary's Donkey plodded on
Seeking solace in Bethlehem's best
Joseph enquired hither an yon

There's NO ROOM in the Inn
came apathy's reply
the barn behind away from the din
here's the key, give that a try

Mary and Joseph gave thanks
she knew she had little time
so she lay her body amongst the ranks
of hay muck and grime

Angels tended as pain travailed
rude animals looked on in ernst
for though they be hairy and tailed
nonetheless knew he who birthed!

Joseph lay Jesus amid the hay
wrapped in his swaddling clothes
Mary's ordeal now far away
as she revered her newborns pose

Neither knew of impending guests
Joy had filled that stable
Magi following the Father's requests
bright Angelic star sought them able

Shepherd's watching their flocks that night
though crisp was far from cold
pon seeing same Angelic light
alit, leaving their woolly fold

One by one came they afore HIM
bowing in humble adoration
bearing gifts of purpose not whim
to Jehovah's beloved Incarnation