by Ch'erie

If my hands could adequately
describe, the loveliness of your
handiwork, I would pen without
hesitation, but somehow I feel
I fall short of the mark.
That glorious sunset last night,
with it's indescribable beauty, yet not
without warning, of impending
tremor to come. The intensity
of colours highlighted with accents
splashed clear across the sky, to
heighten the senses, enlighten
the viewer! So Masterly crafted
as only you can, day and night
to remind us of the depth of your
love. It's there in the heavenly
gallery, for exhibition, no entry fee
required, a free showing for all to see!
If, we would, if we could, just pause..
a moment, to appreciate all that you are!
Too often, in the business of our lives,
we miss your magnificent displays,
whether in the sky above, or the earth below
our feet, with each blade of grass, we tread upon
not realizing that each one has it;s own unique
shade of green. Like us! We are all different,
unique, as not one of us is truly identical.
Such is the hand of your Masterly Craftmanship,
etched with love, that we too often allow to go
unnoticed! If my thoughts, my words could only
express the depth of my appreciation, and reciprocating


South Australia had the largest Earth Tremor/Quake since 1954 just recently, I did not feel it personally, nor did anyone of my household, though others across the state did. It's epicentre starting not far from where I live, Mt Barker..
My Thoughts regarding the evening beforehand, and the day after!