At HIS Feet

Her morn silence roused wakefulness
angry voices railed
Her heart froze neath nakedness
as her betrayer fled the scene
They'd come for her intent to kill
She shivered in barely lighted room
Priests, guards shouting shrill
threw her a measly soiled robe

Though she gazed pon pious men
many she'd known before
haughty proud denying when
rallied for her demise
Hauled away bruised and torn
dragged through dusty streets
she saw the stones already worn
spit and curses graced her rags

She pondered why her fate inept
passed by reputed Dung Gate
on toward the Temple steps
she mused is this my reward
Knowing of the Teacher there
she began to fear the worst
at His hands her sentence clear
Oh my soul be damned!

The Teacher sat against the wall
silence loomed in the Temple
some were muttering of His gall
as he'd tipped over all their booty
Heart in mouth resigned to death
she fainted without restraint
her crowning glory flowed o'er her breath
veiling her sins from sight

Regained composure she beheld His face
this angular rugged Man
His eyes conveyed Glory's place
of reputed Holy leader
Dust blew through the sullen Temple
piety waited impatient
Priests intent on entrapment assembled
she be a porn to implore

Enumerating in dust, reliefs of their own guile
she peeked out from her tangled hair
His eyes greeted her with a smile
Then He rose and retorted back
to the accusations presented Him
"Who is first to strike this Woman"?
"be he who possess no sin"
Of clattering rocks were heard

One by one they fled the scene
her heart faced another foe
how could he wipe her slate clean
of her shameful filthy woe
He softly touched her pon her form
she brushed entanglement from her face
her eyes met compassions dawn
ears heard His Righteous repose

"Woman where are you're accusing throng"?
He asked her bewildered mind
"Why be you grovelling long"?
as she stood to blistered feet
His hand went out to her aide
they've gone was her surprised reply
to answer his inquiring bade
still one relief lay on Temple floor!

She knew it was Her life revealed
as He bid her, go sin no more
sudden gust of wind concealed
writings ne'er more be seen
His love had cleansed her filthy flaw
she turned to make away
compelled with love ne'er felt before
stopped short, He deserved her all!

Eyes welled up with deep remorse
she gazed at Him again
her life changed from it's course
requiring deep humility
Mary Knelt before this Man
who loved her a 'fore she'd known
buried deep in peaceful plan
she tarried therefore,
At HIS feet!