Dredging the Abyss

A pastime great, man's mistake
for nought can e'er come of it
another's errings, sinful blurrings
dredged up leave man in fateful fit

A world at war, peace no more
within homes or individual scale
we seek to justify, or nullify
thus left fraught and frail

Repentant man, assured glad
sin's cast to murky depths
yet peers proud, proclaim aloud
he be still a filthy wretch

In Holy scriptures lit, an Holy writ
lay greatest treasures to seek yea find
promise clear, allaying fear
of deaths grip for all mankind

What e'er you're perception or deception
of this you can be sure
God proclaims in His Holy name
transgression forgiven as forgotten lore

Sea Mariners, agreed tarrier’s
know of the murky implosive grave
though diving bells would enter wells
for too far none can save

Deepest part of ocean the Master does motion
our repentant sin's be thrust
if only we would, if only we could
at his feet leave them to trust

Forgive one and other, embrace our brother
as He hath forgiven us
remembered no more on ocean's floor
tis entirely God's business

Accusing bruising, each other's heads
pointless is to carry on like this
that one way trip, to watery pit
weary not, Dredging the Abyss!